Leading UX excellence at scale.

I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and startups to develop high-performing, multidisciplinary design teams. My areas of expertise include design systems, platforms, accessibility and building forward-thinking UX productivity tools.

2021-Present: Shopify
Director of User Experience

In 2021 I joined Shopify to lead the platform experience team, called Build. This team delivers the tools, services and infrastructure that empowers product builders to create apps and features on Shopify's platform.

Responsible for:
•  Shopify's app development platform experience
•  Polaris, Shopify's design system
•  Flow, Shopify's ecommerce automation engine
• website

2019-2021: Google
Senior Manager, Platform UX, Google Cloud

From 2019-2021, I managed Google Cloud's platform design team, which provides the tools and design foundation for over 1,000 product designers and engineers building over 100 products within Google's Cloud ecosystem.

Google is one of the leading companies in the Cloud Services space, providing a combination of powerful functionality and ease-of-use, according to Gartner.

Responsible for:
•  The Google Cloud Console
•  Google Cloud's Design System
•  Inclusive Design + Accessibility
•  Data Visualization + Charting Libraries
•  UX Engineering + Productivity Tools

Selected case studies

The Google Cloud console

Codesign, an advanced web-based prototyping application

Beck Maps, a tool for diagramming topology

Google Cloud Data Visualization

2014-2019: Adobe
Senior Manager, User Experience

Over five years at Adobe, I led the design of several new initiatives, including:
•  Adobe XD
•  Adobe Stock
•  Spectrum - Adobe's design system
•  Adobe Creative Cloud services such as CC Libraries
•  Adobe Web Platform & Authoring tools

Selected case studies

Adobe Stock

Adobe XD - Vision

Adobe Spectrum

Creative Cloud Libraries

Full resume
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