Scripps Networks - RealGravity Video Syndication Platform
VP, Product & User Experience

In 2012, I joined Scripps Networks as VP of Product and User Experience for their newly acquired online video platform, RealGravity.
RealGravity became the the core technology powering Scripps' online video network. The player and underlying platform powered the online video experience for its owned-and-operated properties, and for Scripps' video integration on 3rd-party publisher's sites.
In two years at Scripps, I hired and oversaw a cross-functional team of designers and product managers,
A video player that works everywhere
In my first six months at RealGravity, we completely overhauled the core player product. It’s light, responsive and HTML-based. It’s designed to work in any device, browser or platform – with a variety of ad formats.

The RealGravity Player

A syndication marketplace
In addition to providing the player technology, RealGravity was responsible for providing a marketplace of premium video content to 3rd-party website publishers seeking to leverage Scripps' collection, featuring tens of thousands of titles from their flagship lifestyle channels such as HGTV and Food Network.

The RealGravity Publishing Marketplace

SAY Media
Manager, User Experience

In 2010, I joined SAY Media to build their user experience team. During my time there, I hired and managed a team of UX designers focused on SAY's ad technology, along with their network of owned-and-operated websites.
Building a better ad experience
We all know that online ads are frequently intrusive, ugly and deceptive. One of the key roles of the user experience team at SAY was to establish design principles and patterns that would counteract this.

Design guidelines for Spotlight, one of SAY Media's ad products

Focusing inward
SAY Media, which formed from the merger of VideoEgg (an ad network) and Six Apart (an online publishing company), operated under a unique business model. By integrating advertising and publishing together onto a single platform, we had opportunities to strengthen the relationship between advertising and content -- thereby leading to more customer-friendly experiences, while simultaneously driving revenue and engagement. 
However, this opportunity required a willingness to focus on -- and reinvent -- the materials and tools used internally. From training designers within the creative studio to get the most out of new formats, to improving tools used for targeting and reporting, the job of the UX team was to think just as much about our coworkers as it was to think about the end user.

Planning documents for Orion, which eventually became the Maven publishing platform

Reporting dashboard, showing details of an earnings report

Report generator, showing ability to customize reports for each client

A timeline showing how SAY Media reporting improved over the years

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